Monday, June 22, 2015

Inchie Frame

Several weeks ago I started making polymer clay tiles to decorate some thrift store picture frames. They were relatively simple tiles to make. I just stamped sheets of clay with a rubber stamp, cut them with a tissue blade and attached the cured tiles onto the frame. Easy-peasy.

Well my creative gears went into over-drive. What if I used cane slices to decorate some small square tiles? I've made magnets and buttons this way before but they were round. What would they look like square? There was only one way to find out!

Slice, place, repeat.....12, 1" square polymer clay tiles. I love 'em!
And I had the perfect frame too! One I had purchased at the thrift store weeks ago, long before I made the tiles!  If only I had taken a "before" picture of that ugly two-toned, fake wood grain, brown frame.

See the corners? These are raised areas on the frame so I ended up making 12, 1/2" tiles to place there, 3 per corner. It's really hard to show all of the details in the pictures (or either I haven't learned how to use a camera yet). The frame can stand or hang vertically, as pictured, and the two openings are 2" x 3".

real close-up shot of one of the tiles
So, there you have it. Another successful thrift store make-over! I hope you'll join me again soon for more creative ideas.

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