Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And the Winner Is.....

Two months ago, at the beginning of summer, I was feeling a bit uninspired. I was wanting to create but all I could do was sit at my table and stare at my clay.  No ideas, no direction. So I issued a challenge.  I was hoping someone would kick start me into doing something that I otherwise may not have thought of. And I am happy to say, that's exactly what happened!  I received 6 suggestions. Just enough to not be too overwhelming yet just what I needed.  I offered those who gave me an idea the chance to win what I had made per their challenge.  So, as a reminder, here are the 6 projects.

marble beads suggested by Katharine
African themed beads suggested by Jeanne

Frogs suggested by Karalee

Dolphins suggested by Lulu Divine
Snake beads suggested by Sarah

Watermelon beads suggested by Kimberly

Well, I put all of the names in a hat and had my daughter pick a winner.      

And the winner is.........Sarah!  Congratulations!!!!!!
I want to thank everyone who took the time to help me out of my creative slump.  This really did get me to thinking.  If you ever feel like you are running into a brick wall, just turn to your friends.  They will help point you in another direction.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

No. 6 - Who Wants Some Watermelon?

I can't believe summer will soon be over.  School starts back in two weeks!  And it's already been almost two months since I announced my bead challenge.  Where has the time gone? Summer has flown past me. Isn't it funny how some days drag on and you wish time would speed up? Like when you're stuck  in traffic or there's a long line at the store? Or when you have an upcoming vacation and you just can't wait to leave.  Then there are days that speed by.  Like when you finally go on that much anticipated vacation and it seems you just got there when you find yourself packing to go back home.

Well speaking of summertime and my bead challenge and home brings me to today's blog post.  The last bead challenge I got was from Kimberly at Madeforjake. She wanted to see what I could make with "watermelons" as my theme.  Now, I just love watermelon.  I mean, who doesn't?  Just the thought of a big sweet juicy slice of watermelon takes me back to my childhood.

I remember my Daddy bringing home a fresh from the field watermelon and leaving it setting on the porch until Sunday.  Then, before leaving for church, he would put it in the freezer to get it good and cold.  Later in the afternoon Mama would gather up some old newspapers, a knife and the salt shaker and we would all head outside to the back porch.  It was Daddy who would cut open the watermelon and hand us out each a big wedge.  Yum!  It's hard to say what's sweeter, the melon or those great memories:  the sticky juice dripping from my chin and running down my arms, spitting the seeds in the yard and when we were full, throwing the rinds out into the woods for the raccoons or possums to finish.  Good ol' country livin'. Memories that me and my sisters now share.

Now making watermelon beads is brand new to me but thankfully there are lots of tutorials on the web.  So I started out making a fairly simple round watermelon cane.  But then, I got stuck. Where do I go from here?  I sliced the cane and made a few flat beads but I wanted more.  I wanted something a little different. So, after thinking about it (more like putting it off) I finally came up with an idea. A way to turn these flat slices into a round (sort of) bead that I haven't seen before.  I am happy with the way they turned out.  So what do you think? Do these beads make your mouth water for that sweet summertime fruit?  They do for me.  And it just so happens I have some in the refrigerator.  So I think I will go have me a slice while I think back to those sweet, simple days when I was a child.