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A little about me. I am the youngest of four daughters, who grew up in a home full of love.  My parents were married for 59 years before my Dad passed away.  I was taught to respect others, be truthful, work hard and to always do my best.
I come from a long line of pretty amazing, creative family members.  My Grandfather, my Mom's dad, was a blacksmith.  My Mom says she remembers helping him in his shop.  He could fix anything mechanical too.  He even built his own tractor from spare car parts.  My Grandmother raised eight children, with the use of only one hand, due to contracting polio as a child. But she didn't let that stop her. She could change a diaper or make a batch of biscuits like you wouldn't believe.
My Dad's parents were equally talented.  My Grandfather was a carpenter and master gardener.  I used to love to help him dig potatoes and run through the freshly plowed dirt.  My Grandmother, she could crochet and tat lace, play the piano and bake the best caramel cake you ever ate! 
My Mom. She is an excellent seamstress. She used to make all of our clothes when we were kids.  There was always fabric and threads and buttons on her sewing table.  And at 81, she's still at it.  Hand stitching quilts and altering dresses for friends and family.  My Dad.  He could fix anything, and I do mean anything.  From the car to household appliances. And I think I inherited my love for music from my Dad, who loved to sing. I miss him so much.
So that's my background, now more about me.  I have always loved color.  I loved getting a new box of crayons and remember just staring at all the different colors and picking the perfect one to use.  I had paints and markers and seed beads and wire.  I made chains from gum wrappers and construction paper.  I loved to draw and write poems and make cards.  I was always wanting to create and learn new things.  Those desires are still with me today.  I still have a stash of seed beads and wire and paints.  I still sometimes write poetry.  And I'm always looking for something new to learn.  I think I get my creativity honestly, it's in my genes.
Just take a look at my Etsy shop.  I think it's pretty apparent that I love color and making a wide assortment of things.  And if you're wondering about the name, Flowertown Originals, it's because the town I live in is known as Flowertown.  There is a park in the middle of town where every spring thousands of azaleas bloom.  Plus, a lot of my inspiration comes from flowers. I love gardening and spending time outdoors, so the name fits. It's where I live, it's who I am.

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