Saturday, February 2, 2013

What choice do I have?

Last month I was so excited about moving into my own space, remember? It took a little bit of work (okay, a lot of work) to get there but I did it! And wouldn't ya know it, before I had time to remember where I put everything , my daughter called wanting to move back home. It seems living so far away wasn't all it was cracked up to be. So.....I've had to move out of my studio room and turn it back into a bedroom.

I was so sad to lose my space that I was close to being depressed. I mean, I hadn't even gotten it the way I wanted before I had to give it up. I even had a fleeting thought of just packing up all my stuff and calling it quits. (Yeah, I was feeling a little sorry for myself) But, like I said, it was a fleeting thought. Because who was I kidding? I would never be happy with my clay and all of my other crafting "necessities" packed away. So, I tried to stay positive.  I cleaned and  rearranged and organized my formal dining room the best that I could to suit my needs. Sharing this open space will have it's drawbacks (it has no doors to close off the noise and cat traffic) but it sure beats having nothing. I'll make the best of it and just keep on doing what I do. I have no other choice. After all, it's the only thing I know to do. Until next time.....put a smile on!


  1. Ouch, that must be hard. You're more giving than I am. I'm afraid wouldn't have been so charitable. But then my situation is undoubtedly different and it would do my son no good to come back here. He wouldn't leave his room. Well, at least you do have the dining room to use (our house has NO extra space at all). It won't be much longer. I'm sure she'll get the urge to spread her wings again soon.

  2. Life out there all alone can get pretty tough. I think it also depends on how old your children are. but too many are having problems finding employment (especially a job that pays enough).