Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm up for the challenge, are you???

The vocabulary word for today is challenge.

Challenge - a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc. 

So, what am I being challenged to do?  That is up to you. 

Here is how this will work, or at least I hope this works.  Anyone who has seen my polymer clay work knows that I do a variety of things. I like making beads, buttons, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, the list goes on and on.  So, every so often I will ask for your suggestions on making a certain item.  Right now I can't say how often, because I don't know how many suggestions I will actually get, or whether this will go over like a lead balloon.  Time will tell, but I'm not going to put strict time limits on myself.  For each challenge, I want you to give me as many specifics as you want. Tell me what color or colors you want, the size, even the shape. Then it will be up to me to make the item.  Pictures will be posted here and on my Facebook page.  After all the suggestions are given and the items are made a random winner will be chosen.  

For this first challenge I am asking you to give me your ideas for a set of beads.  This can be anything! Do you want them round, square, shaped like a bird? Glittery, marbled, a solid color? Bumpy, smooth, or some other texture? One focal bead or a whole set of assorted sizes?  Get the idea?  You name it, I'll try it!  Now I'm not promising works of art but I want to try and expand my abilities, broaden my horizons.  

So now the only question left to answer is, what will the winner get?  I will offer the winner either the actual item that I made per their suggestion OR a 50% off coupon good on anything in my Etsy shop. Sound like fun? I think it does! 

So, put on those thinking caps, come up with your ideas, and leave your suggestions on my Facebook page.  I will highlight the post so that it stays on top.  Here is the link to my page to make it easier for ya!  Can't wait to hear your ideas!  Do you know anyone else who might be interested in this challenge?  Share my Facebook post with them. The more the merrier!

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