Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mandala Wall Art

About 3 weeks ago I was contacted through my Etsy shop about making one of my polymer clay mandalas. Now, most of my work is small scale. I like to start and finish a project within a short amount of time. That way I can move on to my next project. But I was asked if I could do something bigger. Of course I can (have I ever said no?!)

And so it began. The customer not only wanted it bigger, she also wanted it to be domed. Hum, that got me thinking....what could I use as a base that was round, about 10" across, oven proof, and domed. Think, think, think......I think I'll go to the thrift store and have a look around.

 An old pot lid should do the trick! A few turns of a screw and the handle is off.

I was given the color scheme and made a few canes.
Next step, covering the entire lid with a pale, off-white and then starting in the center with a design.
Nope, not enough negative space. Time for a do over.
Nope, wrong shade of green. Try again.

Making progress.

A few more changes.


After about 3 weeks, many e-mails back and forth and lots of changes I was able to create something that both the customer and I were happy with. I hope it adds an interesting and colorful element to her bathroom wall. Something that will be enjoyed for many years! 


  1. That turned out beautifully. I'd never have guessed it was a pot lid.

    1. Thank you, Katie. I was hoping it wouldn't be obvious.

  2. I was wondering what it was going to be and how big it was as I was watching the progress !!! Turned out beautiful, as always...

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it's hard to tell the size just from a picture.

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  4. WOW Kathy ... amazing work and very creative use of the lid! <3