Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mandala Doodling

After finding Shrinky Dinks and colored pencils while cleaning out a closet recently, I have rediscovered my love for drawing. I've always loved to draw and color but I'm sometimes stumped  as to what to draw.  I've always loved  mandalas but never thought about drawing them myself. But for the past couple of nights I've discovered that it is surprisingly simple and relaxing.  All it takes is a pencil and paper. There are really no rules, no right or wrong. I just follow where my mind takes me.

These are the ones that I've done so far.  They are just drawn on some paper from a pad that I found in the same closet.  I tore the paper into a six inch square, found the center and just went from there.

There's nothing too spectacular about these but I would like to continue with them. Maybe the next one I draw will be a masterpiece! Who knows!!! So until next time......put a smile on!


  1. These are great Kathy... so bright and colorful!!

  2. they are BEAUTIFUL! you are so talented. i love coloring too-but usually in coloring books b/c I can't draw:)

  3. So pretty! I'm loving all the color. =0)