Monday, November 12, 2012

It's in the mail.....

Are you an internet shopper?  Do you like sitting around in your PJ's searching for that perfect gift?  It's very convenient, not having to go out to an actual store to get what you want.  Especially now that the Christmas shopping season is getting started. Who wants to fight traffic and crowds? I guess some people get a rush from it but not this gal. Oh no! Nothing is going to entice me to go out in the Black Friday madness! I'm going to sleep in on that day.
But internet shopping does have it's drawbacks.  You can't actually pick up the item you are looking to buy. And sometimes you have to wonder, "is it really going to be just like it looks in the picture?" And then there's the wait! I sometimes get a little impatient waiting for my purchase to arrive at my door.
That is just what I had to do last week.  I ordered something from an Etsy friend of mine and then had to wait for the mailman.  Even though I knew it wouldn't be here the next day, I was listening out for the sound of the mail truck making it's rounds in my neighborhood.  But then it happened! I heard him stop at my box and a few seconds later the doorbell rang. The wait was over!
I went to my door and there it was, a small box sitting on my front porch. I quickly called out a thank you to my mailman and rushed inside to open my package. And let me tell you, the anticipation was well worth it!
I'm sure by now you are wondering what I got. And here it is!  My very own one of a kind handmade bowl from S&G Inspirations!

This one is mine!

So, was is just what I was expecting? Did it look just like the picture? Was the size the same as I imagined it would be?  No. IT WAS EVEN BETTER!!!!  When I first ordered this bowl I thought it would be perfect for that loose change my husband always seems to have.  But oh no! This bowl is too good for nickels, dimes and pocket lint!  

Here are a few other items Kelly and her husband Craig offer for sale. To see all the rest go on over to their Etsy shop. 

Kelly makes items for women like this super cute clutch bag,

hair accessories for girls like this headband,

and Craig makes wooden home decor items like this vase.

And Kelly made these hair pins using polymer clay buttons she bought from me!

So if you want to do some shopping but don't want to leave your home, check out S&G Inspirations.  Get yourself or someone on your Christmas list a handmade gift.  The few days of waiting are so well worth it. You'll have yourself an awesome gift or two that you will never find anywhere else. And if you think the items look great in the pictures, just wait until you see them for yourself! 


  1. Thank you Kathy! I'm so glad you like it:)

  2. Enjoyed reading this Blog! Love both of your shops - don't think I have purchased anything from Kelly - I guess I'm due!!